The applied mathematics minor is designed to provide students with a strong background in the areas of mathematics that are critical for addressing both the theoretical and practical aspects of real-world problems that arise in a wide range of applications and disciplines.

This minor will require a total of 7 courses (6.75 credits), summarized as follows in foundational, core, and elective categories:

  • Foundational requirements (2.75 credits)
    • MATH 132. Calculus II
    • MATH 117. Introduction to Statistics or MATH 207. Statistical Data Analysis
    • MATH 210. Scientific Computing in MATLAB
  • Core requirements (2 credits)
    • MATH 229. Applied Linear Algebra
    • MATH 234. Differential Equations
  • Electives (2 credits; chosen from the following)
    • MATH 209. Stochastic Processes
    • MATH 237. Mathematics of Finance
    • MATH 309. Numerical Analysis
    • MATH 316. Dynamical Systems
    • MATH 334. Partial Differential Equations

The designations above have been chosen carefully to ensure that students who complete the minor have (i) a strong foundation in a range of mathematical sciences (calculus, statistics, and computing), (ii) are proficient in the core technical skills that surface in virtually every aspect of applied mathematics (linear algebra, differential equations, and modeling), and (iii) have the opportunity to put these technical skills into practice in at least one advanced area of applied mathematics that is of specific interest to the student (finance, numerics, or dynamics).

For a summary sheet of requirements for the Applied Mathematics Minor, click here.